Spam Allstars

desde 1995

Miami based DJ Le Spam, founder of Spam Allstars, is also known for his eclectic vinyl collection. Born in Montreal, and raised in London and Bogota, he was exposed to a variety of music and cultures from an early age.  He specializes in rare and hard to find music. His expansive collection includes Latin, Funk, Miami-bass, Haitian, Jazz, and more.  He began digging for records as he toured the world as the guitar player for Capitol recording artist Nil Lara, and continued adding when he formed and toured extensively with his own band Spam Allstars. 

"I collect funk 45's, all kinds of Latin music, classic Jamaican sounds, jazz of all types, blues, gospel, hip hop, electro bass....The thing I tend to pay most attention to in our music (and to an extent in others) is the groove." - DJ Le Spam


100% vinyl specializing in:

  • funk 45's 1965-1980
  • general funk/soul 65-80
  • cuban music all styles 55-80
  • new york salsa and latin jazz 60's-80's
  • jazz, all styles 30's-70's
  • blues and gospel 50's-70's
  • reggae and ska 60's-90's
  • hip hop 79-93
  • miami bass and electro 83-93
  • african 60's-80's
  • haitian 60's-80's
  • lounge and exotica 50's-70's
  • brazilian 60's-80's