Spam Allstars

desde 1995

DJ Le Spam is a composer, band leader, producer/engineer, studio owner, and music historian.

His work as a composer has brought him to a vast array of projects developing music for theater, dance, classical collaborations, advertisers, film, TV, online and radio clients.

Featured works and awards as a composer include:

Knights Art Champion Award - 2017

New World Symphony collaboration for Pulse series - 2017, 2016, 2015

Nu Deco Ensemble with New World Symphony  collaboration - 2016, 2014

Florida Folklife Festival Workshop Presentation - 2016

Knights Arts Challenge Award Recipient - 2014

Teo Castellanos/D-Projects - Fat Boy  2014

Rakontur's documentary Square Grouper (Magnolia Pictures) - 2012

American Sabor: Latinos in US Popular Music exhibit - 2012

South Dade Cultural Arts Center Opening - 2011

Miami Heat Custom Intro Music - 2009

Giovanni Luqini Performance Troupe - Poems 2006, Slices 2005, In Flagrane Delicto 2000


Other  clients include HBO, Showtime, Fusion Networks, Volkswagen, Nike,  Miami Heat, Rakontur,  Miami International Film Festival, Southern Brand, WSFL-TV, WLRN’s Under the Sun (NPR), Pollo Tropical, Medica Healthcare, Volkswagen Music Bar, Palm Treo, Lonely Planet TV, and more...

more detail...

  • DJ Le Spam recently worked with director/actor/playwright Teo Castellano for his new work FAT BOY. Presented as part of Miami Light Project’s 2011 Contemporary Performance Series, FAT BOYcoalesces ancient and current art forms to tell a timeless and timely story of greed. Fat Boy explores the theme and abundance of waste through text, movement and thumbing dub beats. The music was composed and recorded at City Of Progress Studios, and features several Miami musicians includingChad Bernstein, Tomas Diaz, Zach Morillo, Hunter HP Parmentier, and Rudy Goblen.
  • Square Grouper - DJ Le Spam composed and recorded the score for Rakontur's documentary Square Grouper (Magnolia Pictures). Square Grouper will premiere at SXSW Film Festival in March 2011. The DVD was released on 4/19/12, and on video-on-demand on 4/21/12. PREVIEW
  • Smithsonian Institute has licensed Companario 64 for the American Sabor: Latinos in US Popular Music exhibit. This exhibit was originally developed by the Experience Music Project which also featured music by Spam Allstars.
  • Pollo Tropical - Spam Allstars licensed music for Pollo Tropical's campaign by Southern Brand Collective.
  • Monica & David: Spam Allstars licensed music for Producer/Director Ali Codina's documentary film - Monica & David - which explores the marriage of two adults with Down syndrome. The film was made in association with HBO Documentary Films, and was awarded Best Documentary Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival 2010.
  • Volkswagen Campaign - composed original music for VW Das Moves campaign.
  • Charanga E-350 was licensed for the film My Father's Will.
  • WSFL's Morning Show - SFL's newest morning show, airs on the CW station in Ft. Lauderdale and owned by Sun Setninel, provided theme music - Campanario 64 (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) - for opening and bumpers of daily program.
  • WLRN's Under the Sun - provided the theme music - Gallo Pinto (from Electrodomesticos) - to WLRN's show - Under the Sun. It airs on WLRN 91.3 FM and WKWM 91.5 FM, South Florida's NPR affiliates. Co-hosted by Alicia Zuckerman and Dan Grech, Under the Sun is a new series of radio specials bringing you the perspectives, passions, accents, and sounds of this colorful and complex part of the country. They're telling the stories of South Florida, from the Palm Beaches down to the Keys. Check out the Premiere Episode.
  • NIKE - TV Ad - Just Do it Campaign, football theme, licensed March (from Pigs In Space) 
  • MIAMI HEAT - created music for starting line up intro video - used in-arena, on-air tv/radio broadcasts, licensed custom version of Descarga Gusano 2004 (unreleased)
  • Palm TREO - licensed City of Progress (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) to Palm's new Treo device for a pre-loaded ringtone in new world-wide release
  • Sonnet 116 - Independent Film - licensed Descarga Gusano (from Fuacata Live) for short film by Mathew Leddy
  • Florida Farm Link - licensed Fiesta de los Feos (from Fuacata Live) for an independent flim project to promote a local/sustability/self-sufficieny project in Florida
  • Miami International Film Festival - licensed Ochimini for interent and industrial use as theme music for festival promotions
  • Pablo's Gone - licensed Joe Drives Through (from Electrodomesticos) for independent film
  • Medica Healthcare Plans - licensed Descaraga Gusano (from Fuacta Live) for tv commercial produced by Capsule Media
  • The Tree - produced by JohnDoeEntertainment - licensed Campanario 64 (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes), La Vida Continua (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes), and Aranitas (from Electrodomesticos) for short film - debuted at Nantucket Film Festival 2008 and screend at HBO Latin Film Festival in 2008
  • Automorphosis - licensed Joe Drives Through (from Electrodomesticos) feature documentary on Art Cars by , the film is a non-profit and sponsored by the International Documentary Association in Los Angeles
  • Volkswagen Music Bar - VW visits 32 cities with their auto show and offer music podcasts from their Music Bar, licensed El Aquafiesta (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) ~~In Another LIfe (August 2007) - licensed Common Birds (from Fuacata Live) for student film by American Film Institute
  • South Beach - UPN television series, licensed Companario 64 (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes), Descarga Gusano 2004 (unreleased)
  • Lonely Planet - Six Degrees Australia - licensed various Spam Allstars tracks in their episode on Miami - Campanario 64, Ochimini, El Lagarato, El Aguafiesta, City of Progress, Pingunio Party (all from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)
  • Visiones: Latino Art and Culture - Co produced by National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) & Galan Productions - presented on PBS by ITVS and Latino Public Broadcasting, (LPB), won the 2005 Imagen Award in the documentary category - documentary television series to look at the diverse contributions that U.S. Latinos have made to America’s artistic and cultural landscape includes studio recordings of Spam Allstars material, and appearances by the Spam Allstars
  • Elipsis - feature film directed by Eduardo Arias Nath, distributed by 20th Century Fox, licensed El Aquafiesta(from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)
  • Just Like The Son - feature film Directed by Morgan J. Freeman premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, licensed Descarga Gusano 2004 (unreleased)
  • Round Trip - Tareco Pictures' feature film Directed by Bill Bilowit and Produced by Grela Orihuela includes live and studio recordings of Spam Allstars material, and appearances by the Spam Allstars
  • Langerado - Pack & Enjoy - independent documentary on the 4th annual Langerado Music Festival, directed by Corey Czajkowski, features interviews and music by Spam Allstars
  • Karma - Hopes and Dreams in the Boulder Fields of Nepal - a rock climbing film shot in the Khumbu region of Nepal by BA Productions, Directed by Brian Solano, licensed Perfume de Heliotropo (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 
  • The Australia Project - feature length rockclimbing film by BA Productions, Directed by Brian Solano, licensed El Aguafiesta (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 
  • Dumped - independent film/comedy - Directed by Joey Garfield and Josh Lewis (members of the comedy group The Bert Fershners and frequent writer/performers for Comedy Central and MTV), licensed El Aguafiesta (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)
  • The Fatouche - independent film Produced by Studio K Miami, licensed Ochimini, El Aguafiesta, Perfume de Heliotropo (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)
  • In the Mix – PBS series - school reform and arts in education show, licensed Nutwood City Limits, Islands in the Sky, Sir Julians Lunar Orbit, El Ultimo, and All Confused (from Pigs In Space) 
  • South Beach - short film directed by Peter Hyoguchi, licensed City of Progress (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)
  • 900 Biscayne - residential realestate campaign, licensed Basheer's Dream (from Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)
  • Richard Robinson's film adaptation of the poem "Ode to the West Wind" by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822). The film was made in a local park where 20 people (strangers) help the film maker by each reading a stanza from the poem. Licensed various live tracks.


Compilations including Spam Allstars music include:


The Rough Guide to Latino Nuevo  

Afrika (Electrodomesticos)

Ochimini (Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes)


The Rough Guide to Salsa Clandestina 

Charanga E-350 (Electrodomesticos)


Worldwide Underground Compilation 

Ochimini (Los Roboticos Mutantes)


BOOM Magazine

Joe Drives Through (Electrodomesticos) 


Home Grown 7

City of Progress (Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 

Langerado Festival

Ochimini (Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 


Gershwin Project / Kriztal Records 

Custom Track: Spam Allstars recorded a chillout version of Gershwin's "Lets Call the Whole Thing Off" 


Hot Ritmo & Boogaloo/BronX-Total Records/Divucsa Music

Fiesta de los Feos

La Sowesera

Mucha Nota

Companario 64

La Vida Continua

(Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes & Fuacata Live)


XLR8R - Bedroom Rockers Book/Compilation

El Aguafiesta (Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 


Latin Alternative Music Conference

La Vida Continua (Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 


MTV Advance Warning - Miami Edition

Ochimini (Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes) 


Mercedes Benz compilation/Sony Records

Some Useful Phrases (Fuacata Live) 


Latin Alternative Music Conference

Una Buena Limpieza (Fuacata Live)


Street Buzz - Live Local & Loud

Descarga Gusano (Fuacata Live)